Beginning of Day 5…

Well, it’s the morning of day 5 of Lemtrada. Currently I have very low energy and strength. Just walking for a few minutes feels exhausting. I guess I pretty much expected all of this but it is different once you are actually experiencing¬†it first hand. I do have a great support system of friends and family that have been trying to help me through the week with messages, food, and companionship. Of course you can’t overlook the MS therapy husky dog team. (I just like dog pictures. ūüôā )


Phoenix giving my hand a lick massage. The blue tape is covering my IV that was left in overnight.

For those of you who aren’t very familiar with Lemtrada you can check it out more by clicking here. It’s a newer treatment for MS in the US which consists of a session of five infusions in one week then a year later you go back for a session of three infusions. The doctor keeps getting updates on your health and MS progression over the years and if at year five you are the same or even better you don’t need another infusion treatment. From what I have learned over this past year it is definitely one of the most promising treatments for MS n the US. It does come with some scary possible side effects but after this past year or two I feel I have reached the the point I feel it is worth the risks. I want to be running again. I want to feel like me again.

Well, the morning drugs are starting to kick in and will knock me out for my morning nap so I will try to post more this weekend.

A Change in Plans and Treatment…

I have decided to change the main focus on my blog from just running with MS to more of just my MS life but still covering the active side of me. Things have been rough with the MS the past few months so running has pretty much stopped entirely. I have been jumping on my bike trainer when I can but having a lot of issues with my left side which gets inflamed with a lot of exercise most days. Some days exercise helps but that is rare. I am hoping this slight change in focus will get me back on here a little more.

I have switched things up with my main MS treatment as well. When I was first diagnosed with MS I started on Copaxone but it didn’t help. I moved on to Tysabri, Rituxan and finally Tecfidera. Tecfidera has been going well for the most part except for the past 6-12 months. This year my doctor gave me the option of Lemtrada. I thought Lemtrada over for about 5-6 months and decided to give it a try. It sounded like my best option to get things under control. Yesterday I started my first day of Lemtrada. It appears I have been lucky so far with little, minor side effects. ¬†I have had some minor headaches off and on. My appetite can change from being hungry to being a little queasy quickly. My most noticeable side effect has been from the steroids. I have only sleep about three hours in the past 36 hours. Its not unusual for me to have a night when I only sleep five or six hours but three is pushing it for me especially when my body is getting hit with a lot of different drugs. I will try to do more updates as the week goes on. After the first two days I expect I will just become more tired and achy as the week goes on. Here’s hoping that is all.

Back To “Normal”…Well, Almost.

Just a quick update!¬†I am starting to feel back to “normal”…meaning the MS has calmed down and gone back to the “normal” everyday symptoms so I’m not great but better. Just after I started feeling better from the steroids last week I got hit with an annoying summer cold. The cold made staying very still for my MRI on Friday a lot of fun. I am still struggling with the cold, but I did find out today that even though I had all these crazy symptoms recently that there was no new progression on my MRI from Friday!!! Very happy to hear this, but does have me a little concerned that I still had these new symptoms. Guess time will tell if these new symptoms were caused by the stress of the steroids or something else. Hope to get over this cold very soon and get back to running! Watching all these Olympics is making me itching to get back out there!

That is all for today. I hope to get back into blogging more as just sharing¬†my story Two Weeks of a MS Life seemed to really help me deal with all those emotions. It also seemed to help a few people realize they aren’t alone in this crazy MS fight!¬†¬†Fingers crossed I can keep it up!

Two Weeks Of A MS Life

Sunday (Day 1) – Left for a 5 mile run at 7:15am. At about 3.5 miles into run entire mouth goes numb. After cooling down at home the mouth has calmed down but notice there is a pulsing numbness in left foot, similar to the sensation of a cell phone vibrating. Continues throughout the day. I decide to distract myself with Mario Cart and Xbox Kinect Sports.

Monday (Day 2) – Back to work. Cell Phone Foot still present and really starting to get annoying. Mouth feels off but not too bad. Decide to contact Neurologist about symptoms. Schedule for appointment with Nurse Practitioner for Tuesday morning.

Tuesday (Day 3) – Cell Phone Foot still there. Appointment first thing. Decide I need to go on the “MS Steroids” (aka freaking high dosage of steroids) for the first time in over three to four years. I was able to get steroid pills right after appointment so jump right in. First night didn’t sleep well. Previous rounds of steroids didn’t affect sleep for a few days.

Wednesday (Day 4) – Second day of “MS Steroids”. Cell Phone Foot still there but little more distant. Feeling pretty energized from steroids which is good because first there is a full day of work then off to watch Real Madrid vs Paris Saint Germain at OSU Stadium with boyfriend, Tom and my brother, Mark. (Steroids did help me stay awake for the game…maybe a little too much because I only sleep 3.5 hours that night.)


Real Madrid vs Paris Saint Germain at OSU Stadium


Thursday (Day 5) – Third day of “MS Steroids”. Cell Phone Foot still there a little but easier to ignore. Feeling pretty good on energy because its second busy day. Full day of work then off to Coldplay concert at Nationwide Arena with Tom! Awesome night! Steroids helped me stay awake again but little too much. Luckily we were in the first row of the balcony so we didn’t have to stand!



Friday (Day 6) – Fourth day of “MS Steroids”. Back to work. Not feeling the greatest. Tired but also some cognitive fog. Also not the steadiest on my feet. End up leaving work a few hours early and my parents drive me the hour home. (My normal work commute is about 55 minutes, one way.) Spend the rest of the day in bed.

Saturday (Day 7) – Fifth and final day of “MS Steroids”. Absolutely no energy. Feel very weak and have a hard time doing basic every day functions. Have to miss my volunteer shift at CHA Animal Shelter in the afternoon. Old running injuries, IT Band and Back, start to flare and make some sitting uncomfortable. Try to rest as much as possible because my boss will be out of the office the next two weeks on vacation so I will be in charge of the sales department.

Sunday (Day 8) – First day of “normal” dosage of steroids for step down. Assist Tom with changing the oil in my car…well, I sat in a chair and handed him tools. Quickly run out for a grocery trip. Want to rip the head off anyone who gets in my way, even Tom. Stay quiet because it’s the steroids. Come home and complete exhaustion sets in. Going to the bathroom feels overwhelming. Some headaches start. IT Band and Back still hurting but found more comfortable positions.

Monday (Day 9) – Second day of “normal” steroids. Do not feel good. Probably shouldn’t be driving or going to work. Head to work. IT Band and Back still hurting so call primary physician to see if I can get an appointment. Go in that morning. PP able to prescribe me tramadol. Appears stress from steroids has caused some muscle issues and spasms. Left side of neck spasms and stiffens driving back to work from doctor. Decide to leave work early to fill tramadol prescription and to get some rest. Confusion on way tramadol script is written and doctors office already closed. Have to wait until Tuesday to get tramadol. First emotional break down happens. Tired of being in pain and feeling so weak. This isn’t the girl I know!

Tuesday (Day 10) – Third Day of “normal” steroids. Didn’t sleep well, don’t feel good. Shouldn’t be going to work but boss is on vacation. Start getting ready for work very slowly. Almost finished and ready to go then migraine hits hard. Have to admit defeat and call in. Huskies surround me before I pass out on couch.


My view before I passed out on the couch Tuesday morning.

Mom comes to sit with me for first half of the day. Level of headaches, weakness and exhaustion scaring me. Probably the worse I have felt in my life. Feel I just need someone there because this shit is really starting to scare me. Tom is able to leave work and take secondhalf day shift. We are able to finally get tramadol prescription filled around 3pm. The world is a little better now, except for a headache. Talk to neurologist about all recent symptoms. They will not be putting me on steroids again. However, unfortunately, this is still in the realm of normal for steroids so I have to wait until it passes. Recommend I try not to go to work the next day.

Wednesday (Day 11) – Fourth Day of “normal” steroids. Didn’t sleep the greatest. Woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday with extreme numbness on entire left side of my body and my entire face being numb. Able to move but felt like my leg was going to go at any time. Able to fall back asleep and felt a little better in the morning. Made it to work but left a hour early. Everyone seemed to think I looked pretty bad.

Thursday (Day 12) – Fifth Day of “normal” steroids. Feeling more like me. Able to go to work and feel somewhat normal. Left side fairly numb and face feels a little weird. Most of evening spent at home on the couch with heat pack on head with sinus pressure.

Friday (Day 13) – Sixth Day of “normal” steroids. Feeling pretty good in the morning. Hour or so into the work day whole face goes numb again. So numb I feel weird pressure on my eye sockets and on my right eye. Call neurologist because once again I am pretty scared. During their return call they inform me they are very concerned I am having some major MS activity and they would like to do an MRI as soon as possible. Of course nothing can really be done for the numbness in the face at this time. Schedule an MRI for Friday, August 12th. Finish the work day with the numb face then head home. Eat dinner then the extreme headache attacks begin. I start get series of pulsing sharp pains close to my temple. It feels like I keep getting hit in the head. It continues for probably at least an hour until we figure out it was probably caused by dehydration. After I started just downing water it starts getting better bit by bit. Eventually I am able to sleep.

Saturday (Day 14) Seventh Day of “normal” steroids. Feeling back to normal except for facing being numb. Able to walk the crazy huskies and run out to store. Have a relaxing day at home then a movie night out on our deck with a few friends.

Sunday/Today (Day 15) Eight Day of “normal” steroids. Face and left side of body is very numb. See a morning showing of Jason Bourne movie in movie recliners but then head straight home. Reality of the past few weeks has set in. Emotions up and down and sometimes not even existent. Emotional numbness…

Running and sports are what usually help me in this situation but obviously the body needs rest. No marathons or probably even half marathons for the rest of 2016. Just in a state of stun at this point. Feels like a lot of things have come crashing down in two polarizing weeks. Still hopeful, just unsure what to do next. Not sure how to fix this and get back to me.  I have seen glimpses of me the past two weeks but been very few and far between. Feel I am fighting back but this is going to be one hell of a fight this round.


First Time Back

Yesterday didn’t go as I had hoped but overall fairly well considering my training had been interrupted by MS issues and basic IT band hip issues. I was hoping for around a 2:10:00 finish but ended up with 2:27:21. Will admit it isn’t bad considering issues the past few weeks and having a few MS issues during the week leading up to the race.

I started out the race excited but also a little apprehensive of what the MS would hit me with during the race. My energy level wasn’t where I would have liked it to be but I was going to take this thing head on. The first few miles started out pretty good. My left leg was numb/tingling as I started the race but I have learned from recent runs that after a few miles it will “settle” (or I will get use to ignoring it) or that it will escalate to a bigger issue. Luckily it settled and I was on my way. As I was making my way to the half way point I did start feeling my energy level drop which I wasn’t expecting until after ten miles. I started walking for 15-30 seconds every one or two just to relax my body and give it a little break. I continued this through my cheering section just before mile 9 and into mile 10…than the MS Left started to put up a fight. I walked most of the time between about 9.5 miles and 11 miles. A few times I tried to start running again and my MS Left wasn’t having it. Most of the race on the bigger hills my left side would be limping but now I was limping even though we were running on flat ground. Right before 11 miles I decided to try one more time to run (because walking takes too long) and it seemed like the “rest” helped calm the MS Left. I was on my way again! A little slower then the first part of the half marathon but it was faster than walking. I still had to walk a few more times due to hills but I made it and that’s what I needed. I needed to prove to myself I can do this again. My MS might be a little worse now but I can do this! On to the next race!


At the finish line with my sister, Sara, who finished her second 5k that day, my boyfriend Tom (hiding in the back) and friends Jennie and Sam.

For the Future: I realized I really need to focus more on some strength training especially on the left side which is my weaker MS side. I already knew I needed to work more on the strength training but this was kind of a slap in the face of you definitely need to step it up. Haha.


It’s Here!

I know I have been quiet the past few weeks so wanted to write a quick update. Tomorrow is my first half marathon since I started running again. The past few weeks have had¬†ups and downs with the running. I was planning on building up to 12 miles before this race but due to some unexpected MS issues on a few weekends I only made it to 10 miles. I am hopeful but I do realize this could be my slowest half marathon yet which for the most part is ok with me. (It’s ok for the most part, I¬†can’t kill the competitor in me. ūüėČ )¬†I do really enjoy having running back in my life even though it is a little hard this time around because my MS has gotten a little worse. It’s definitely not horrible just makes it a little more complicated for the running side of me. (More details on this later.)

I realize I have been in and out with the updates this go around so I am going to try to get better on the writing front! Hope to have more updates this weekend after the race!


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A woman who kept pushing to run three more marathons in 2012 including one in Dresden, Germany…


Right after the Dresden Marathon with my sister Sara. I was a little tired.

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It’s 2016…I think it’s about time I found her again…

I Can Hear You!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I am still here…fighting a few MS issues but plan on getting back in shape for the 2014 season. I am still working on the training schedule and hope to run my usual spring half marathon, The Capital City Half Marathon, in May.

This afternoon I was reading an article my brother-in-law sent me about updates on marijuana for treating MS and noticed another article to the side related to hearing. The past year or so I have developed hypersensitivity in my left ear when the left side of my face goes numb so the article caught my interest. I was not aware that hearing hypersensitivity was indeed a “common” symptom of MS. I just thought I was weird…well, weirder then I already thought. ūüôā Has any one else experienced this symptom? What have you done to deal with it or treat it? I would love any suggestions. Since I am inside sales I don’t really have a quiet job. It can sometimes be really irritating and painful when the hearing hypersensitivity starts.

Here is the article if anyone wants to check it out!

Shout Out!

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to a woman who has MS, is fighting cancer, running, knitting like crazy and a mother all at the same time. Her name is Danelle and she emailed me a week or so telling me her story. Definitely check her out sometime at! You can learn how to do all this and kick ass all at the same time! Wish her luck with her fight against cancer! (You can take care of the MS next :-))

Little False Advertising Here

As we all know I haven’t been running. However, I decided to be a spectator tomorrow at the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio and cheer on my friends. I decided to take a half day at work today and a friend invited me to go with him to the Expo to see if that would help put me in a better “running mood”. Well, one of my other friends running the race said I needed to look at the back of the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon sheet because he thought I would find it funny. I walked round the Expo (found $10 arm warmers!!) but I didn’t see their booth until the end. I looked at the back and I didn’t get what my friend found funny. It just seemed normal to me. (He is a guy so I had in my mind it was some stupid joke that usually guys enjoy but usually us ladies don’t care for, you know the ones.) I texted my friend and he told me what he found funny.

Flyer For The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon

Flyer For The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon

For those of you who don’t remember or are just recent readers, I ran the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon in the spring of 2012. I started out great but the hills at the end of the course killed me. Majority of the race is flat but where there are hills…there are hills. I thought the elevation chart was pretty misleading or not detailed enough. So, knowing this he thought I would find their first line fairly funny (or at least he did). I looked at their website and the course is still the same but it looks like the elevation chart is a little better. A little better. What do you think?