Blisters: Why you might want to listen to those expert runners…

My full training for the marathons isn’t starting for another week so I thought I would share some of my past experiences until training gets a little more interesting.  (I don’t find running on a treadmill in my basement very interesting…but that might just be me.)

A few weeks before my first half marathon (Capital City Half Marathon 2010) I realized that my current shoes were getting pretty worn and I need to switch into the new shoes I had recently bought. The new shoes were a different brand then my current shoes but I didn’t think I would have that many issues transiting to the new shoes. I had read about blisters and other possible issues with not breaking in new shoes in the running magazines and books, but I thought I was going to be just fine. That was my first mistake. I decided to only alternate my new and old shoes only a few days and then run 10 miles in my new shoes.  Since it was only a couple weeks before the half marathon I was very determined to run all 10 miles. That was my second mistake. I ignored the pain I was feeling on the bottom of my feet and came home to find a blister on each of my arches. I took off the next two days but needed to keep up some running since the half marathon was a little over a week away. After several tries and painful short runs, I figured out how to bandage my arches so it wasn’t as painful. I was happy I could still run with minimal pain but the blisters were not getting any better.  A week later I started my first half marathon hoping my wrapped arches would keep the blisters at bay for the next 13.1 miles. A majority of the race went as well as to be expected for my first half marathon. Around mile 8 I started having some side cramping but was able to get it in check by around the 9.5 mile point. I did have some blister pain for the last few miles of the race so I wasn’t able to finish strong as I would have liked but at that point I was just happy I finished.  I didn’t make my ultimate time goal but finished the race within the time I was hoping.  I took it easy the next few weeks and tried to nurse my feet back to health.  I also did a little more research and invested in getting some actual running socks to help prevent future blister issues.  Needless to say, I started listening a little more to those experts.

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