Five Months And Counting…

Song Of the Post “Best Of You” By Foo Fighters

Well, I hate to say but the past two and half weeks have not been as productive as I had originally planned.  The numbness has taken more control over the left side then I had expected.  I ran 7 miles on Sunday (March 20th) but it all kind of went downhill from there. I was able to fit in some shorter runs last week here and there but some runs had to be ended prematurely due to limping caused by the numbness. I was hoping to run 9 miles this past weekend but didn’t even get out the door. (For that long of a run I have to run outside, I would go stir crazy if I had to run that far on a treadmill)  I was feeling better on Sunday but was just not mentally in it as much as I needed to be to fight the numbness for 9 miles. This  past weekend was actually one of the hardest I have had in a while…it hit me this weekend that I have been fighting this numbness on my left side off and on for the past five months.  I will say the “depression” got the best of me this weekend which, I hate to admit, probably added to the 9 mile run not even being attempted. I am still a little shocked that I had not realized it had been that long until now.

However, Monday started a new week and a newfound push to keep going. I ran just an easy two miles just to get back into the running and it helped restart the drive to keep going. I ran three miles on Tuesday but wasn’t able to do the 4-5 miles on Wednesday morning due to the lovely running cramp in my right side that likes to return from time to time to annoy the hell out of me. Since I was already up and it was still only 5:45am I lifted so I didn’t completely “waste” a morning workout.  Today I am happy to say I was able to run just under four miles this morning.  It seemed to go pretty well and I didn’t even have any issues with the cramping.  Tomorrow is Zumba, Saturday an easy 3-5 miles and then hopefully 10 miles on Sunday…keeping my fingers crossed!

Obviously Grandma’s Marathon in June is definitely up in the air even though today’s run went well. If I don’t make at least ten miles this weekend I may have to forget about Grandma’s Marathon this year and maybe put that on my 2012 “To Run List.” I am thinking I still have a good chance of running the Capital City Half Marathon but I will have to see the next couple of weeks.


“Shut Up And Drive…”

Song Of the Post – “Shut Up And Drive” by Rihanna

My training during the past week has gone pretty well. I was able to knock out 6 miles on Sunday even though my right thigh was tight and sore most of the weekend. I think I just didn’t stretch enough after my morning run on Saturday so I have been stretching and applying heat to loosen it up whenever I have time. I am planning to run 7-8 miles this coming weekend to stay on track with the training. I am hoping to include speed training in the next week or two when I stop fighting these issues with my right leg.

In my last post I mentioned the numbness on my left side had returned and I was going to focus more on taking my Neurontin. I did start getting better at taking my medication but the numbness started to get worse on Thursday and Friday. For me, most of the time the numbness is worse later in the day so it hasn’t affected my running very much but has been an annoyance at work or when I have been doing things in the evenings. I did have some discomfort in my left leg while I was running this morning as the numbness has decreased but the aching pain and slight burning sensation has started to become worse.  I have noticed myself limping at times walking around the past day or two so really hoping this lessens soon so I can keep training.

The past few days I have been looking around a few different MS websites, specifically the new website started by the National MS Society that is just MS=.  You are supposed to put in what MS equals/means to you. I have noticed many different replies varying from anger, fear and frustration to trying to stay motivated, determined and not let MS beat them. Most of the time I do have the attitude that I am not going to let MS beat me, that I am not going to give up…however I do have my down days that are a mixture of anger, frustration, tears and depression. For the most part right now I am pretty lucky, I can still do most of the things that “normal” people can do. For example, run a marathon, however, most of those runners who finished that marathon with me did not spend the next three months with their left side being numb and “burning”.  But you know what? It isn’t going anywhere soon…it is the passenger in my car as so many people like to put it. Sometimes it is more like the annoying backseat driver or the kid asking over and over again “are we there yet”. Fortunately I have a loud car stereo to try to help me block it out and stay focused. 🙂

To me MS=my fastest competitor to date…who hasn’t caught me yet.

“Two Points for Honesty”: Coming out of the MS Closet…

 Song of the Post: “Two Points for Honesty” By Guster

For anyone who would actually like to hear the Song of the Post I will start including links to You Tube that will either be the actual music video for the song or at least a video that is playing the song.

Well, the past few days have been mixed with ups and downs. On Saturday morning the article about our Walk MS in Springfield featuring an interview with yours truly made it in the Springfield News Sun. I have included a link of the actual article because it has the picture included and I am not sure how long the article will be online. It is a little weird because I feel like with this article in a way I am “coming out”. I have unleashed my “secret” for everyone to know. I have been pretty quiet about having MS until recently and I just feel like things are just a little different now. Not sure in what way or if I feel it is a good or bad but things feel different.

On more of the down side, on Saturday afternoon I slightly injured my right hamstring doing chores around the house (mainly cleaning up all the dog hair as two of my three Siberian Huskies have started to shed). I tried running on Sunday and then again on Monday morning however I wasn’t even able to walk at a brisk pace without pain. Luckily it looks like I did enough stretching and heating as I was able do an easy run this morning. I plan to still do more stretching and heating tonight so hopefully tomorrow I am pretty much back to normal. Hopefully…

Now on the “disappointed with myself” side, I haven’t been very consistent with taking my Neurontin lately which I believe has caused the numbness on my left side to return. Right now it is just mainly an annoyance and it really hasn’t affected my mobility so hopefully it doesn’t get worse. I am obviously starting to focus more on remembering to take my Neurontin so hopefully the numbness will go away in the next few days. It’s really not fun to run when your leg is numb. Hopefully the body will be back to normal soon…well, normal for me. Guess I wouldn’t say having MS makes your body “normal”.

Some days will be frustrating

Song of the Post: “Here It Goes Again” by Ok Go

My workout this morning was a little frustrating at times. I stayed with my schedule and did my strength workout on the Bowflex however, my run didn’t go as well as I would have liked. I kept fighting a cramp in my right side which caused me to to walk a couple times to get it under control. Sometimes its hard to stay positive and not fear falling behind in the training schedule after days like today, Hopefully it will be better tomorrow morning. If not I guess I could always use my treadmill to come up with a new dance routine like the Ok Go music video.

On a MS side note, I had my second infusion of Tysabri today. It went pretty well. I will say sitting in the infusion clinic for three hours not being able to use your arm really isn’t as fun as it may sound. 🙂 At least it’s only every four to five weeks. I plan to write more about my MS and treatments in the next couple of weeks however, I am pretty tired so this is where I will call it a night.