“Two Points for Honesty”: Coming out of the MS Closet…

 Song of the Post: “Two Points for Honesty” By Guster

For anyone who would actually like to hear the Song of the Post I will start including links to You Tube that will either be the actual music video for the song or at least a video that is playing the song.

Well, the past few days have been mixed with ups and downs. On Saturday morning the article about our Walk MS in Springfield featuring an interview with yours truly made it in the Springfield News Sun. I have included a link of the actual article because it has the picture included and I am not sure how long the article will be online. It is a little weird because I feel like with this article in a way I am “coming out”. I have unleashed my “secret” for everyone to know. I have been pretty quiet about having MS until recently and I just feel like things are just a little different now. Not sure in what way or if I feel it is a good or bad but things feel different.

On more of the down side, on Saturday afternoon I slightly injured my right hamstring doing chores around the house (mainly cleaning up all the dog hair as two of my three Siberian Huskies have started to shed). I tried running on Sunday and then again on Monday morning however I wasn’t even able to walk at a brisk pace without pain. Luckily it looks like I did enough stretching and heating as I was able do an easy run this morning. I plan to still do more stretching and heating tonight so hopefully tomorrow I am pretty much back to normal. Hopefully…

Now on the “disappointed with myself” side, I haven’t been very consistent with taking my Neurontin lately which I believe has caused the numbness on my left side to return. Right now it is just mainly an annoyance and it really hasn’t affected my mobility so hopefully it doesn’t get worse. I am obviously starting to focus more on remembering to take my Neurontin so hopefully the numbness will go away in the next few days. It’s really not fun to run when your leg is numb. Hopefully the body will be back to normal soon…well, normal for me. Guess I wouldn’t say having MS makes your body “normal”.

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