“Shut Up And Drive…”

Song Of the Post – “Shut Up And Drive” by Rihanna

My training during the past week has gone pretty well. I was able to knock out 6 miles on Sunday even though my right thigh was tight and sore most of the weekend. I think I just didn’t stretch enough after my morning run on Saturday so I have been stretching and applying heat to loosen it up whenever I have time. I am planning to run 7-8 miles this coming weekend to stay on track with the training. I am hoping to include speed training in the next week or two when I stop fighting these issues with my right leg.

In my last post I mentioned the numbness on my left side had returned and I was going to focus more on taking my Neurontin. I did start getting better at taking my medication but the numbness started to get worse on Thursday and Friday. For me, most of the time the numbness is worse later in the day so it hasn’t affected my running very much but has been an annoyance at work or when I have been doing things in the evenings. I did have some discomfort in my left leg while I was running this morning as the numbness has decreased but the aching pain and slight burning sensation has started to become worse.  I have noticed myself limping at times walking around the past day or two so really hoping this lessens soon so I can keep training.

The past few days I have been looking around a few different MS websites, specifically the new website started by the National MS Society that is just MS=.  You are supposed to put in what MS equals/means to you. I have noticed many different replies varying from anger, fear and frustration to trying to stay motivated, determined and not let MS beat them. Most of the time I do have the attitude that I am not going to let MS beat me, that I am not going to give up…however I do have my down days that are a mixture of anger, frustration, tears and depression. For the most part right now I am pretty lucky, I can still do most of the things that “normal” people can do. For example, run a marathon, however, most of those runners who finished that marathon with me did not spend the next three months with their left side being numb and “burning”.  But you know what? It isn’t going anywhere soon…it is the passenger in my car as so many people like to put it. Sometimes it is more like the annoying backseat driver or the kid asking over and over again “are we there yet”. Fortunately I have a loud car stereo to try to help me block it out and stay focused. 🙂

To me MS=my fastest competitor to date…who hasn’t caught me yet.

3 thoughts on ““Shut Up And Drive…”

  1. Hey, it’s my right leg that’s bothering me too! Copycat 🙂 Do you find that you have more trouble in spring and fall? I feel like every health issue I have has flared up in the last few weeks, including a fabulous migraine on Monday. Seeing the doc about the hamstring tomorrow. Even swimming makes it ache. The thought of stopping my training JUST when it is starting to get nice out is, well, there are no clean words. I wish you healthy runs…

    • I think the past few years I have had more issues in the spring because I usually didn’t train much through the winter. I hope I will work out my issues in my right leg in the next week once I get deeper into the training but I guess we will see. Hope the doctor figures out what is going on with your hamstring tomorrow! Are you still haven’t issues with your knee too?

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