Five Months And Counting…

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Well, I hate to say but the past two and half weeks have not been as productive as I had originally planned.  The numbness has taken more control over the left side then I had expected.  I ran 7 miles on Sunday (March 20th) but it all kind of went downhill from there. I was able to fit in some shorter runs last week here and there but some runs had to be ended prematurely due to limping caused by the numbness. I was hoping to run 9 miles this past weekend but didn’t even get out the door. (For that long of a run I have to run outside, I would go stir crazy if I had to run that far on a treadmill)  I was feeling better on Sunday but was just not mentally in it as much as I needed to be to fight the numbness for 9 miles. This  past weekend was actually one of the hardest I have had in a while…it hit me this weekend that I have been fighting this numbness on my left side off and on for the past five months.  I will say the “depression” got the best of me this weekend which, I hate to admit, probably added to the 9 mile run not even being attempted. I am still a little shocked that I had not realized it had been that long until now.

However, Monday started a new week and a newfound push to keep going. I ran just an easy two miles just to get back into the running and it helped restart the drive to keep going. I ran three miles on Tuesday but wasn’t able to do the 4-5 miles on Wednesday morning due to the lovely running cramp in my right side that likes to return from time to time to annoy the hell out of me. Since I was already up and it was still only 5:45am I lifted so I didn’t completely “waste” a morning workout.  Today I am happy to say I was able to run just under four miles this morning.  It seemed to go pretty well and I didn’t even have any issues with the cramping.  Tomorrow is Zumba, Saturday an easy 3-5 miles and then hopefully 10 miles on Sunday…keeping my fingers crossed!

Obviously Grandma’s Marathon in June is definitely up in the air even though today’s run went well. If I don’t make at least ten miles this weekend I may have to forget about Grandma’s Marathon this year and maybe put that on my 2012 “To Run List.” I am thinking I still have a good chance of running the Capital City Half Marathon but I will have to see the next couple of weeks.

2 thoughts on “Five Months And Counting…

  1. Dear MSRunner,

    I have been searching for sites for people doing what I am trying to do as well! I was diagnosed in 2001, lost the use of my right foot, then leg, then whole side, fell over and broke my good leg, diagnosed shortly after. I turned 34 in feb. I, like many of us, am far more active than I should be. I live and work in Whistler, British Columbia (9 years), I have skied about 70 days this year, cross country as well, downhill bike about the same in the summer.

    I decided to try running the first Whistler half marathon this year year. My brother runs ultras, sister runs marathons…thought Id give it a shot. I have been training for about a month now, prob running futher than i should. I suffer from foot drop at about 4-5miles, then at six, my right leg get numb an kinda useless, then at 7- 8 miles its starts on my left foot and leg…

    Marathons’ on June 4th…I tried to run 10 on flat roads ( Ive been doing 6-8 on hills), and it just about damn near killed me! I was pretty useless even to walk. I ran 3 miles the following day, hills, I was sloppy at the end but Ok. I ran 6.5 today, and again, fine just dragging the right hoof a little at the end.

    Is there anything you can suggest that may have helped you in you training? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?!

    Warmest regards, and good luck!

    • Morad,

      Wow, you have definitely been keeping youself busy! Were you running some before you started training a month ago for the half marathon? It sounds like you might be over doing it a little with your training routine if the half is in June. Are you following a training schedule?

      Do you have issues with the numbness, etc even when you aren’t training or on your off days? I have found that when I am having numbness issues all the time it is worse later in the day so I try to do my runs in the morning. Also I am currently on Neurontin and I have talked with my doctor about the numbess so we have increased my dosage which has seemed to help.

      If you had another question in mind or were looking for more details on what kind of training I do you can email me at

      Good luck with the training! Let my know how things are going.

      Lisa (aka MS Runner)

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