Countdown To Race Day Begins…

The Song Of The Post – “No Rain” By Blind Melon

Well, I was planning on my next post to be about our MS Walk in Springfield that occured on Saturday (April 16th) however I have been waiting on pictures to be posted by the photographers at the event to include in the post but they aren’t up yet. Hopefully in the next week or so they will be up and I can share how it went!

My first major race of 2011 is the Capital City Half Marathon next Saturday (May 7th). I will admit I have mixed feelings about this race right now.  The training this spring has not gone as  planned as you may have noticed in my previous posts. There have been more bad/difficult days then I had expected, mainly due to the reoccuring numbness on the left side. It appears as it is now being kept at bay since we (my doctor and I) have increased my dosage of Neurontin again but I guess time will tell.

I have been able to decrease my competitiveness over the past few years and try not to kill myself but I know it will still be hard coming in a slower time next Saturday then my half marathon in September.  With the way training has been going this spring I will be surprised if I come in under 2 hours which will be difficult to for me to deal with. It’s just how I am. Just like it was hard for me to pull out from Grandma’s Marathon in June.  I just didn’t want to do it but knew it probably wouldn’t be good for me physically and mentally.

On hopefully a more up beat note, I will be running a 5k (in Springfield) on May 13th and then the Mud Run in Columbus, Ohio on May 28th.  I know I will be in competitive mode for the 5k but plan to try to just have fun with some friends in the Mud Run. The Mud Run does sound a little intense with 20-30 obstacles over 6.2 miles but I can just crash the rest of the day so why not!  Sounds like it will definitely test my upper body strength!  I have started to neglect that some since I have just been running the past few years so it will be good. Going to start focusing on doing more strength training in the month of May so hopefully will just help increase the strength all around.

Nine days and counting until the race season begins. Hopefully the rain and storms will let up within the next week so we can have a drier half marathon then last spring.

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Water Is For Wussies…Then Call Me Miss Wussy.

Song of the Post: “Young Blood” by The Naked And Famous (The lyrics of this song don’t really have much to do with this post but it is a song that I have been rockin’ out to a lot lately.)

I am really starting to get tired of the cramping I get from time to time on the right side.  It seems to occur every Wednesday morning for some reason (and occasionally other days as well). I know I probably did not drink enough water and Powerade on Tuesday which didn’t help my work out on Wednesday morning but it seems like it is the same story every week. I guess I should try to pay extra attention on Tuesdays to my drinking habits.

To help fix this issue I did recently buy two new water bottles to help with keeping me hydrated. They are Intak Hydration bottle by Thermos and I love these things. They have a nice lid that is easy to open and lock when needed. The Intak bottles also come with an intake meter that helps you keep track of your water consumption for the day.  (This is helpful to me because I found myself forgetting how many times I would fill up my water bottle at work) I usually have one at work and one at home to try to help me remember to keep drinking water throughout the day.  It does seem to be helping quite a bit if I remember to use them. Hopefully if I can get this whole hydration thing down the cramping will go away completely. I do fear occasionally this cramping is caused by something other than my hydration level or food intake but I guess that is on the list to discuss on the next doctor’s visit. 

I do have some existing news to share. I will now be on Twitter and Facebook with comments on my training, posting articles/websites I come across about running and probably any good shopping deals I come across as well. I definitely still plan to make my usual blog updates on here but just thought this addition would help get the word out and help others stay motivated to keep moving! So check me out on Twitter @MS_Runner or on Facebook as MS Runner. Also feel free to contact me directly at

Getting Into the Groove

Song of the Post: “Run On” By Moby

I am happy to report that I did make my ten miles on Sunday. It went fairly well…actually better than I had expected. I did spend most of Saturday trying to pump myself up for the next day and tell myself how much I wanted to finish all ten miles so I would be mentally prepared.  I think that did help quite a bit because by Sunday morning I had it in my mind that I was not going to run less than ten miles. 

I believe (and I am sure most long distance runners will agree) that most of these longer runs are more of a mental game then a physical one. There were a few times on Sunday that my legs and body wanted to stop but I would just let my mind take over. Eventually I would hit a point that my body felt good again and I was back in my rhythm. There are times it is really hard to mentally keep pushing so I basically just try to argue with myself long enough hoping I will get over the hump and get back to feeling good again.  It’s kind of surprising how far you can run while you are “arguing” if you keep running.

Probably right around 8 or 9 miles I started to get into the “groove” that you feel if you stop running you will be in more pain than if you keep going.  I have discussed this with a few non-long distance runners and they just think I am crazy. How would you ever feel that way after running so far? It’s really a hard one to explain after that. I guess it’s like your body is finally all in sync and it feels more “natural” running. I feel this is a double edged sword, you are pumped because it feels like you were made to run however, at the same time you dread when you do have to stop because there will probably be a decent amount of pain that will follow.  Oh, the joys of running…

Well, I officially signed up for the Capital City Half Marathon on May 7th.  I really hope this new course is better than the course last year.  The last few miles on last year’s course were just mean….smaller hills just going up and down, up and down, up and down.  There were a lot of people I noticed having issues during that portion of the race. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be better this year.

Planning on trying to do some hill work tomorrow (just in case it isn’t a nicer course) and then probably will try to run about 11 miles on Sunday. Since I jumped from 7 miles to 10 (not what you are really supposed to do), I am going to try to take it a little easier now.  I don’t think I will be doing Grandma’s Marathon this June as it is obvious my body hasn’t been that happy with me lately…or I guess my nerves haven’t been happy with me. The first part of today I was having some pain and burning in the left leg so I am still fighting those issues.  It seems to be doing better now but never know. We will see what tomorrow brings.