I’m Still Here…

Song of the Post: “I’m Still Here” by Vertical Horizon

Well, it has been a crazy few weeks! I have been so busy with work, running, races, yard work…hopefully now that I have a few things settled around the house and I can get back to posting more often.

I have ran four 5Ks and a Mud Run since the Capital City Half Marathon on May 7th. The two 5Ks in May did not go as well as I hoped as I was still having some leg issues that arose after the half marathon. I should have paid more attention to tightness in my calves and quads earlier on and maybe could have performed better on those 5ks. I think I still struggle to realize that my body doesn’t act like it use to when I was in high school, it doesn’t “bounce back” as quickly as it use to. Really need to start realizing that my body is different now because I am older and probably because of the MS.

The Mud Run was a blast. We just took our time going through the course and had fun…and obviously got really muddy. I will make sure to post some pics in a later post (or you can also see them now on my Facebook page). The 5Ks in June went better then the previous 5Ks however still not very close to my PR.  Hopefully the 5Ks I plan to run in July and August will be better.

At the end of May I decided to sign up for the full Air Force Marathon so I am now in full marathon training mode.  I am trying to step it up some this year and using the under 4 hour marathon training schedule that was in Runner’s World magazine last year.  My ultimate goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon but I don’t think this is the year so I have decided to just shoot for under 4 hours.  The spring training didn’t go as well as planned and the marathon training (which started the beginning of June) has not gotten off to the best start. The night before Memorial Day I went to go sit in a hammock chair on my porch and the hook holding the chair came out of the ceiling and I landed right on my tailbone…on concrete. Turns out I just really bruised my tailbone but it was sore for almost two weeks which made it difficult to run some days especially if I stepped wrong which caused some shooting pain. Wouldn’t recommend bruising your butt, not a fun time. Everything has healed now so I am back into training and starting my fifth week tomorrow. I did have a few issues after my 10 miles today, I was completely exhausted and nauseous for a few hours after the run so not sure if I didn’t get enough sleep last night or just was having an off day. I have experienced this before but it is usually after the much longer runs over 15-16 miles. Hopefully I was just having an off day and will do better next weekend.

Well, I am starting to get pretty tired (didn’t get a long enough nap after my 10 miles) so I will sign off here. Now that I have gotten past these busy few weeks I really hope to get back into posting more often. I do usually post on Facebook/Twitter daily or every other day with how training is going or just articles that I recommend so definitely check them out, especially if I do go a bit between posts.

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