The Next Hurdle…Running In The Heat

Song of the Post: “Hot Hot Hot” by Buster Poindexter

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July! Hopefully you enjoyed some good food and were able to see some fireworks.  July is officially here which usually means that there is now a constant humid, heat. (Well, at least here in Ohio.) Air conditioners and fans are on full force and the only good reason to be out in the middle of day is if you are at the pool.

Back in my high school soccer days the heat really did not bug me. There was a soccer tournament we played every July that you would have two or even three games a day. (Not quiet sure how my mother sat through all those games in one day but she was a trooper, especially during those rough tournaments when we didn’t win very often). However, in the past few years I have started to notice that the heat is no longer my ally, it has started to turn into an enemy. I now start to shut down if it is too hot and humid and have even experienced being lightheaded a few times. Makes it a little difficult to run especially when the mileage is really starting to increase.

My past two long runs have not ended very well. A little over a week ago I finished all ten miles however crashed very hard. I was completely exhausted and didn’t want to drink or eat anything. Luckily I fell asleep after about two and half hours of being pretty miserable and woke up feeling much better (Pretty much think I had a bit of heat exhaustion from my symptoms even though it was in the mid 70s and cloudy). My long run on this past Sunday had to be cut short little after ten miles (was suppose to run 13) because I was starting to feel nauseous and eventually lightheaded.  I walked the rest of the way home and quickly jumped in my car to get a smoothie. I have found that when I get to that point that a smoothie is the best thing for me.  For some reason once I hit that point I no longer want water no matter how cold it is and I cannot eat anything. The smoothie I guess helps rehydrate me and provides a few things to help me bounce back better. I have tried a few home smoothies but haven’t found a good replacement that I actually like. Hopefully I will figure something out soon so I don’t have to always run out to get something.

Obviously now I really need to focus on how to complete my entire weekly long run without pushing myself to heat exhaustion or worse. I am on the Runner’s World email list and get their regular newsletter/email about different articles. I originally posted this link on my Facebook page when it was first posted by Runner’s World about two weeks ago but after my past two long runs, felt it was definitely worth a second look: Running in Heat.  I know I am going to try starting my long runs at least one or two hours earlier then I have been recently and putting more ice in my water bottles I use during the run. I may also look into making a few adjustments to my running clothes and accessories to try to stay cooler as well.  I think just starting a few hours earlier will be the most helpful but guess we will see.

Be careful out there this summer my fellow runners and athletes. Read up on ways to beat the heat and pay attention to how your body is feeling and don’t over do it. Not over doing it has been a hard lesson for me to learn but I am glad I have. I don’t want to feel any worse then I did a week and half ago. If you have found any methods or tips that help you leave a comment or contact me and I will post it so it can possibly help others fighting the heat.

One thought on “The Next Hurdle…Running In The Heat

  1. Wow! I am so glad I found your blog and so grateful you are sharing your journey! I also have MS and have been using sport and nutrition to battle the disease. It’s great to see others getting out there and sharing what they are learning along the way.


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