It’s Getting Better…

Song of the Post: “Getting Better” By The Beatles

Well, things are starting to look up on the MS side and the running side of my life. It appears that the steroids have helped decrease the numbness on my left side, well, at least for now. I still have some numbness off and on during the day however it is quite a bit less then it was a few weeks ago. I guess I need to remember a week of feeling like crap on steroids will greatly help how I feel afterwards.

I have ran about five times in the past week. I started out with just an easy two miles last Sunday and had some minor heal pain but followed up with a lot of stretching afterwards. I kept adding a mile or two on each run until I reached 7 miles on Saturday. I was especially pumped after that run because I only had to stop once after the first mile to stretch out the heel pain and then from that point on I didn’t feel it at all. The three miles I ran this morning went even better as I didn’t feel any heel pain. I am having a little pain or stiffness in my calves however that is easier to run through then the heel pain.

I guess overall things are starting to look up. Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to run the Columbus Half Marathon on October 16th. It might not be a new PR but at least I will have ran it. I think I will probably plan to train for a marathon sometime in the spring but will take all aspects of my training a little more seriously to hopefully avoid another injury. I think I just pushed a little too hard this summer and didn’t focus on my stretching and strength training as much as I should have.

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