Quick Update, Quick Question…

Song of the Post: “Alive” by P.O.D.

I am still here and alive. I know it has been…jeez, over 2 months since my last post! Man, time does fly by when you aren’t paying attention! I am still here and doing fairly well. It appears that the numbness is pretty much gone…for now. I am on two medications just for the numbness on my left side and do still feel it occasionally so feel like I am just waiting for it to just gradually start getting worse as it has every other time. Guess we will see in the coming months.

Right now it is my off-season which will quickly come to an end as I will probably need to start training again in January if I want to make some of the races I have on my 2012 to do list (or guess 2012 wish list is more appropriate). I am currently fighting some minor knee pain so hopefully will be able to change a few things and will nip it in the bud before training resumes in the new year! I am hoping life will start being a little more calmer now so I can get back to writing more often.

I did receive a question from a reader earlier today and wanted to past it on to see if anyone could help as I do not have any experience with Gilenya yet. I do plan on changing to Gilenya this coming year and have done some research on it but not in this area. The question was if anyone had any experience with Gilenya especially related to physical activity? If any of my fellow MSers have any experience with this or just any helpful information you have heard about Gilenya and still staying active please leave comments!

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