You Know It’s Cold When…

So when it comes to some things I can be pretty crazy (or stubborn, however you want to put it). I have found that running and my training is one of these things and I think I proved this point fairly well today. I got in my ten miles today however it was fairly cold…it was around 12° I believe with a wind chill of -6°. Yes, that is a negative wind chill. Needless to say I was pretty cold most of the time. There were a few times that I was running toward the sun and the wind was at my side so I felt fairly warm then but would have to turn down another street and was cold again.

I started to see just how cold it was right as I hit seven miles when I noticed my ponytail was not moving like it usually does while I run. I reached back expecting to pull it out of my head band or something else it may have been caught in and realized it felt a little weird. I pulled it around to look at it and noticed that the end of my ponytail was indeed frozen.

My ponytail after I finished 10 miles in the cold.

Around this time is when I also started to notice I wasn’t able to get as much water out of my water bottles as I usually do. I shook them a little and realized they were also starting to freeze. For about the last two miles I wasn’t able to get any water out of the water bottles. There was still some water in them so I could have opened them up to take a drink but figured if I did that it would end up all over me so I just stuck it out. Luckily I wasn’t too dehydrated at this point. I knew there was a chance the water could freeze during the run but figured it would be moving quite a bit and be close enough to my body that it wouldn’t be an issue. Guess I was wrong on that one.

Well, I survived and learned a few things for running in the extreme cold for the future. Now I plan to enjoy the rest of my weekend being lazy and warm. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your day! Stay warm!

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