I am still here…well, kind of…

I know I have been quiet for quite a while now. I have been trying to find the time, energy and right mood to actually write a post. This hasn’t been an easy thing to come by the past few months.

After my quarter marathon and marathon relay in May, I decided to take some time off to heal the knee and other minor injuries I was fighting. Well, that time off was suppose to be about a month. Right now it is still indefinite. The first month or so I was feeling pretty normal and had a lot of things going on. I went to the Bonnarroo Music Festival in Tennessee in June and I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding in July. It was in July when I started to notice some MS symptoms really staying around and not going away. Of course work did get more stressful in July which has not helped the MS situation either.Β To this day I am still having MS symptoms everyday, usually in my left arm, left leg and left side of my face. We have increased my meds (again) but I am still having issues. I go back for a check up in a little over a week and something needs to change. I can’t run or workout which takes away one of my big stress relievers and mood boosters.

It’s been hard staying positive but hearing every once in a while from my readers (aka you πŸ™‚ ) lifts my spirits. Keep running and moving! I hope to be out there with you again soon! πŸ™‚ Until then I will try to check in every once in a while to update everyone on my status or to share some interesting MS info. Good luck out there!

2 thoughts on “I am still here…well, kind of…

  1. Hang in Hang in Hang in!!!!!!! Move slow if you can, just a walk a few times a day if you are able? How about developing another hobby for times that you feel physically limited? Don’t give up chica!

  2. I haven’t been blogging in a while either, but check in occasionally. I think I have a couple “i’m still here” posts too πŸ™‚ I’m sorry to read that your MS has been giving you problems 😦 I hesitate to comment about “treatment” but I think it’s worth mentioning Terry Wahls if you haven’t heard of her. http://www.terrywahls.com/ Obviously you’re doing everything you can with meds, but maybe look at using diet in addition to your meds to fight MS. Again, not trying to step on your toes or say one way is better than another, because I know this disease is different for everyone. Just thought I’d share. Hope you feel better soon.

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