It’s Here!

I know I have been quiet the past few weeks so wanted to write a quick update. Tomorrow is my first half marathon since I started running again. The past few weeks have had ups and downs with the running. I was planning on building up to 12 miles before this race but due to some unexpected MS issues on a few weekends I only made it to 10 miles. I am hopeful but I do realize this could be my slowest half marathon yet which for the most part is ok with me. (It’s ok for the most part, I can’t kill the competitor in me. 😉 ) I do really enjoy having running back in my life even though it is a little hard this time around because my MS has gotten a little worse. It’s definitely not horrible just makes it a little more complicated for the running side of me. (More details on this later.)

I realize I have been in and out with the updates this go around so I am going to try to get better on the writing front! Hope to have more updates this weekend after the race!

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