First Time Back

Yesterday didn’t go as I had hoped but overall fairly well considering my training had been interrupted by MS issues and basic IT band hip issues. I was hoping for around a 2:10:00 finish but ended up with 2:27:21. Will admit it isn’t bad considering issues the past few weeks and having a few MS issues during the week leading up to the race.

I started out the race excited but also a little apprehensive of what the MS would hit me with during the race. My energy level wasn’t where I would have liked it to be but I was going to take this thing head on. The first few miles started out pretty good. My left leg was numb/tingling as I started the race but I have learned from recent runs that after a few miles it will “settle” (or I will get use to ignoring it) or that it will escalate to a bigger issue. Luckily it settled and I was on my way. As I was making my way to the half way point I did start feeling my energy level drop which I wasn’t expecting until after ten miles. I started walking for 15-30 seconds every one or two just to relax my body and give it a little break. I continued this through my cheering section just before mile 9 and into mile 10…than the MS Left started to put up a fight. I walked most of the time between about 9.5 miles and 11 miles. A few times I tried to start running again and my MS Left wasn’t having it. Most of the race on the bigger hills my left side would be limping but now I was limping even though we were running on flat ground. Right before 11 miles I decided to try one more time to run (because walking takes too long) and it seemed like the “rest” helped calm the MS Left. I was on my way again! A little slower then the first part of the half marathon but it was faster than walking. I still had to walk a few more times due to hills but I made it and that’s what I needed. I needed to prove to myself I can do this again. My MS might be a little worse now but I can do this! On to the next race!


At the finish line with my sister, Sara, who finished her second 5k that day, my boyfriend Tom (hiding in the back) and friends Jennie and Sam.

For the Future: I realized I really need to focus more on some strength training especially on the left side which is my weaker MS side. I already knew I needed to work more on the strength training but this was kind of a slap in the face of you definitely need to step it up. Haha.


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