Races I ran in 2016:

Capital City Half Marathon, April 30th – Time 2:27:21, placed 4491 out of 6067 overall, 2269 out of 3467 women, and 398 out of 573 women in F30-F34 age group.

Races I ran in 2013:

Capital City Quarter Marathon, May 4th – Time 1:01:34, placed 270 out of 2011 overall, 100 out of 1439 women,  and 24 out of 255 women in F25-29 age group.

Flying Pig Marathon Relay, May 5th (Ran 3rd leg) – Total Time 4:18:30, placed 40 out of 138 women relays.

Avery Gator Run 2013, May 11th – Time 29:53 – Ran with my sister for her first 5k. She was hoping for under 30 minutes and she did it!!!

Races I ran in 2012:

Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon, April 28 – Time 4:35:02, placed 1292 out of 2120 overall and 381 out of 789 women.

Capital City Half Marathon, May 5 – Time 1:57:16, placed 1824 out of 8062 overall.

Urbana Univeristy Triathlon, May 13 – Did the swimming portion of triathlon relay

Happy Half Marathon, August, August 11 – Time 1:58:42

Air Force Marathon, September 15 – Time 4:48:40, placed 1839 out of 3298 overall and 456 out of 1065 women.

Dresden Marathon (Germany), October 21 – Time 4:24:34

Hot Chocolate 5k, November 18 – Time 28:23 – Ran with a friend who was coming back from two foot surgeries. She did awesome!

Races I ran in 2011:

Capital City Half Marathon, May 7 – Time 2:07:58, placed 2917th out of 6005 overall, 1309th out of 3502 women and 314th out of 746 women ages 25-29.

NELSD All Community 5K Run, May 13 – Time 28:22, placed 68th out of 259 overall, and 7th out of women ages 20-29.

The Gantlet 5K Run, May 22 – Time 38:25, placed 42nd out of 74 overall, and 8th out of women ages 20-29. (Extremely hilly course)

The Original Mud Run, May 28 – Time 2:24:04, placed 530th out of 653 overall, and 241st out of 321 women. (6.2 miles with obstacles and a lot of mud!)

The Jeager Pride 5K, June 11 – Time 25:22, placed 45th out of 127 overall and 14th out of 68 women.

Clark County Red Cross 5K, June 18 – Time 26:14; placed 30th of 91 overall and 2nd place out of women ages 25-29.

Run For Sight 5K, July 16 – Time 24.18; placed 2th out of women ages 20-29.

Columbus Half Marathon, October 16th – Time 2:09:10; placed 4590th out of 9932 overall, 2207th out of 6189 women and 443 out of 1111 women ages 25-29.

Races I ran in 2010:

Capital City Half Marathon, May 1 – Time 2:09:57, placed 2727th out of 6165 overall, 1130th out of 3612 women and 289th out of 841 women ages 25-29.

6th Annual American Red Cross 5K, June 16 – Time 25:09, placed 1st in age group (women 25-29) and 5th woman overall.

Run For Sight 5K , July 17 – Time 24:52, placed 4th in age group (women 20-29) and 50th out of 145 overall (men & women).

Lawnview 5K, August 14 – Time 25:08, placed 1st in age group (women 20-29).

Air Force Half Marathon, September 18th – Time 1:56:16, placed 870th out of 4302 overall, 227th out of 2248 women and 51st out of 363 women ages 25-29.

Columbus Marathon, October 17th – Time 4:23:43, placed 2651st out of 4146 overall, 834th out of 1587 women and 166th out of 310 women ages 25-29.

Southgate Turkey Trot 5K, November 20 – Time 24:56, placed 2nd in age group (women 20-29) and 41st out of 175 overall (men & women).

2 thoughts on “Races

  1. Not sure if you are still blogging, but your blogs are definitely inspiring. I was diagnosed with MS two years ago and I have had this strong desire to run a race. Luckily, I have not had any serious problems since my diagnosis, however, my unathleticism along with pseudo flares can be quite discouraging. Thank you for sharing your story so that myself and I’m sure others as well can see that there is someone with MS who is accomplishing their goals. Your journey is my motivation to keep going.

    • Thank you for commenting. I am still here but have been distracted by moving recently and a few other set backs. I hope to start running again in the next few weeks and blog again. Keep it up girl!

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