Ice Cream: The Breakfast Of Champions

Song Of the Post: “Ice Cream” By Sarah McLachlan

Ice cream for breakfast…its what you dreamed of having every morning as a kid. My mother always loves telling us what our grandmother (her mother) would say when we stayed at her house: “You are at Grandma’s house, you can have whatever you want for breakfast. If you want ice cream for breakfast you can have ice cream for breakfast.” Drove my mother nuts. Of course when you get older and you move out on your own you may have ice cream for breakfast a few times to rebel but then you usually realize that it really wasn’t the greatest idea after all.

Well, the past few days the pain and numbness on my left side has really increased. I finally gave in yesterday and decided to go on steroids again, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I have pain while I am at work then I come home where I have a list of things I would like to do but I am already in pain and worn out from the day so I don’t want to do anything. Plus I want to get running again and its hard to walk out that door to run when you are already in pain or your leg is numb or both.

Enough of the pain and numbness talk, let’s get back to the ice cream. If you don’t have MS or have MS but are lucky enough to not have had to take steroids yet, you do not know the amount of steroids doctors usually prescribe to hopefully help you get over a relapse (or at least make it shorter). The pill option they will usually prescribe is anywhere from one to five days of 25 pills of 50mg of prednisone each day. (If you have a more old school pharmacy nearby you might luck out with one horse pill a day. I had this last time.) This is where the ice cream comes in (at least for me). I cannot stand the taste of these pills so I need something to take with it to mask the taste. During my first set of steroids like this I tried just taking them with milk, that definitely didn’t work. Then I tried taking them with some yogurt and that didn’t help much either. Finally I spoke to the nurse practitioner at my doctors office and she suggested I try eating them with ice cream or a smoothie to mask the taste. So when it comes time to take these lovely steroids, I switch up my normal cereal and yogurt for a little bit of cereal and ice cream and steroids. Its just not as fun anymore…but I guess it is still an excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast. 🙂 Hey, if you want to use me as excuse tomorrow morning to eat ice cream for breakfast to”feel my pain” on my first day of steroids I will understand. 😉