Beginning of Day 5…

Well, it’s the morning of day 5 of Lemtrada. Currently I have very low energy and strength. Just walking for a few minutes feels exhausting. I guess I pretty much expected all of this but it is different once you are actually experiencing¬†it first hand. I do have a great support system of friends and family that have been trying to help me through the week with messages, food, and companionship. Of course you can’t overlook the MS therapy husky dog team. (I just like dog pictures. ūüôā )


Phoenix giving my hand a lick massage. The blue tape is covering my IV that was left in overnight.

For those of you who aren’t very familiar with Lemtrada you can check it out more by clicking here. It’s a newer treatment for MS in the US which consists of a session of five infusions in one week then a year later you go back for a session of three infusions. The doctor keeps getting updates on your health and MS progression over the years and if at year five you are the same or even better you don’t need another infusion treatment. From what I have learned over this past year it is definitely one of the most promising treatments for MS n the US. It does come with some scary possible side effects but after this past year or two I feel I have reached the the point I feel it is worth the risks. I want to be running again. I want to feel like me again.

Well, the morning drugs are starting to kick in and will knock me out for my morning nap so I will try to post more this weekend.

Can Red Huskies Predict The Weather?

Some of you know that I have three huskies: Chico, Zoe and Phoenix. (Yes, I know I am crazy)

Phoenix, Zoe and Chico

¬†Well, this morning the youngest, Phoenix, decided to wake me up at 5:30am. I was hoping to sleep until around 7am then head out for my 9 mile run around 8am but guess he thought I needed to be up. After I let out the dogs and had my breakfast I looked at the radar and saw that rain was coming and I probably needed to head out as soon as possible to get all 9 miles in before the rain came. I don’t mind running in the rain when it like 75 degrees out but not a fan of running in the rain when it’s in the mid 30s.

So I headed out around 7am for my run and it seemed like Mother Nature was determined to toy with me. Around the 2 mile mark it started to sprinkle. It was very light so of course I kept going but started thinking I might not get all 9 miles in before I am soaked and freezing. Around the 4 mile mark the rain picked up but it was more of¬† little¬†pieces of¬†hail than rain which helped me stay dry but stung a little when it hit my face. Around mile 7 it started turning over to normal rain¬†but I was determined that I had only two miles left so I would run it cold and wet if I needed to.¬†Then it let up and the last mile or two was dry. It felt great and I actually felt like I could have ran a half marathon the run went so well but definitely didn’t want to over do it.

And of course¬†if I had started running around 8am I wouldn’t have probably ended up soaked because it started raining more I think around 9am. So my annoyance with a little red husky for waking me up early¬†has now turned to thankfulness. (Well, kind of)¬†So the question is can Phoenix predict the weather…or did he just really need to go the bathroom? I am thinking its the latter but would be quite¬†handy for my running if he could.