I Can Hear You!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I am still here…fighting a few MS issues but plan on getting back in shape for the 2014 season. I am still working on the training schedule and hope to run my usual spring half marathon, The Capital City Half Marathon, in May.

This afternoon I was reading an article my brother-in-law sent me about updates on marijuana for treating MS and noticed another article to the side related to hearing. The past year or so I have developed hypersensitivity in my left ear when the left side of my face goes numb so the article caught my interest. I was not aware that hearing hypersensitivity was indeed a “common” symptom of MS. I just thought I was weird…well, weirder then I already thought. 🙂 Has any one else experienced this symptom? What have you done to deal with it or treat it? I would love any suggestions. Since I am inside sales I don’t really have a quiet job. It can sometimes be really irritating and painful when the hearing hypersensitivity starts.

Here is the article if anyone wants to check it out!