It’s Getting Better…

Song of the Post: “Getting Better” By The Beatles

Well, things are starting to look up on the MS side and the running side of my life. It appears that the steroids have helped decrease the numbness on my left side, well, at least for now. I still have some numbness off and on during the day however it is quite a bit less then it was a few weeks ago. I guess I need to remember a week of feeling like crap on steroids will greatly help how I feel afterwards.

I have ran about five times in the past week. I started out with just an easy two miles last Sunday and had some minor heal pain but followed up with a lot of stretching afterwards. I kept adding a mile or two on each run until I reached 7 miles on Saturday. I was especially pumped after that run because I only had to stop once after the first mile to stretch out the heel pain and then from that point on I didn’t feel it at all. The three miles I ran this morning went even better as I didn’t feel any heel pain. I am having a little pain or stiffness in my calves however that is easier to run through then the heel pain.

I guess overall things are starting to look up. Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to run the Columbus Half Marathon on October 16th. It might not be a new PR but at least I will have ran it. I think I will probably plan to train for a marathon sometime in the spring but will take all aspects of my training a little more seriously to hopefully avoid another injury. I think I just pushed a little too hard this summer and didn’t focus on my stretching and strength training as much as I should have.

Run/Walk Your Next Marathon?

Song Of The Post: “Walk On” by U2

I’ve had very little pain yesterday and today so it appears like my right heel is slowly getting better. I am still going to hold off a few days before I attempt another run to make sure everything is healing and not to re-injure it. I have been biking some days to keep me moving and hopefully keep my endurance up.  Since my heel appears to be getting better I am starting to feel that I will be able to at least run the Air Force Marathon on September 17th. However I am still thinking I will not be able to finish under the 4 hour mark like I have been shooting for but I guess only time will tell.

I happened upon an article earlier today that was talking about runners who have different goals for their upcoming marathon. They had the typical first timer who’s main goal is just to finish, the runner who wants to qualify for Boston, the runner who wants to be injury free and the last one was a runner who wants to run/walk a PR.  I have heard of the run/walk method before and it still baffles me. During my first marathon I did walk a few times because I either needed to stretch out a cramping muscle or I just wanted to make sure I was able to drink all the water I needed at the next hydration station. However, it was very hard for me to get moving again and I was usually in more pain for at least the next quarter mile then I was before I stopped. For me it was harder to convince myself to start running again then to convince myself to keep running. It did work really well for the guy in the article as he knocked off a little over three minutes to get him to his PR of 2:53:27. Far better then I did during my first marathon and don’t think even in my wildest dreams I will ever break 3 hours so I guess I can’t really bash this method. Since he had ran a previous marathon at 2:56:37 I definitely get the impression he is a pretty serious runner and maybe his body just adapted to the constant change in pace better. However I am still a little puzzled by it.

“Miniature Disasters”

Song of the Post: “Miniature Disasters” by KT Tunstall

I have had a little bit of step back today. I decided to finally do a little more research on the heel pain I have been experiencing the past few days, or I guess almost a week now, and what I found wasn’t what I was hoping for. It looks like the general consensus is I need to rest and do very little exercise. I am going to try to take only a few days off to just ice, take anti-inflammatories, and stretch. Hopefully it helps. I know I need to transition into my next set of shoes which hopefully will help once they are broken in and I am considering getting sport inserts to help cushion around my heel so it hopefully doesn’t happen again. I am really pretty upset about this but there isn’t much I can do. At this point I still feel I could probably get back into training so I could at least finish the marathon in September but now doubting a little bit that I could make it under four hours.  I guess I will see what the next few days bring and I all I can do is just hope I can run my long distance run on Sunday.

On the MS side of things I have been struggling with numbness on my left side the past few weeks however luckily it has mainly just been an annoyance rather then a hindrance. It really hasn’t bugged me too much but just a reminder that I have MS. I have also noticed lately that when I have a more stressful day that I feel the numbness in my left side a lot more. Makes me wonder at times if this numbness is here to stay and will only be kept under control with my Neurontin. And to top off my bad heel news my right arm and the right side of my face started going numb this afternoon. Luckily it appears to be going away now but it is always interesting when part of the face goes numb because it usually feels like you just got a shot at the dentist and that your face is sagging or drooping on one side. However everything is fine and I look normal, makes one feel a little self conscience.

Well, hopefully I will have some better news report in the next few days. Off to icing and more icing. (And maybe to playing some Just Dance 2 on the Wii to keep me somewhat in shape ;-))

Song of the post lyrics:

“I don’t want to be second best
Don’t want to stand in line
Don’t want to fall behind
Don’t want to get caught out
Don’t want to do without
And the lesson I must learn
Is that I’ve got to wait my turn

Looks like I got to be hot and cold
I got to be taught and told
Got to be good as gold
But perfectly honest
I think it would be good for me
Coz it’s a hindrance to my health
I’m a stranger to myself

Miniature disasters and minor catastrophoes
Bring me to my knees
Well I must be my own master
Or a miniature disaster will be
It will be the death of me

I don’t have to raise my voice
Don’t have to be underhand
Just got to understand
That it’s gonna be up and down
It’s gonna be lost and found
And I can’t take to the sky
Before I like it on the ground

And i need to be patient
And i need to be brave
Need to discover
How i need to behave
And I’ll find out the answers
When i know what to ask
But i speak a different language
And everybody’s speaking too fast

Miniature disasters and minor catastrophoes
Bring me to my knees

Well I must be my own master
I’ve got to run a little faster
I need to know I’ll last if a little
Miniature disaster hits me
It could be the death of me”