Got To Get Ready For 2012

Song of the Post: “Crazy Chick” By Charlotte Church

What did I just spend my last Friday night in 2011 doing? Looking online at all of the websites for the major races I hope to do this year and write out the deadlines and costs for each race. Do you think four marathons would be too much? 🙂

Yes, I know I am crazy. Especially since I just remembered as I write this that I plan to do a few triathlons this year as well! I am not planning on attempting an Ironman or anything, just maybe some sprint triathlons. Sprint triathlons typically are a 1/4 to 1/2 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike and 3.1 mile run. Guess I just need to hope this is a mild winter so I can do a lot of training outside! (And hope it will be an injury free year too!)


Run/Walk Your Next Marathon?

Song Of The Post: “Walk On” by U2

I’ve had very little pain yesterday and today so it appears like my right heel is slowly getting better. I am still going to hold off a few days before I attempt another run to make sure everything is healing and not to re-injure it. I have been biking some days to keep me moving and hopefully keep my endurance up.  Since my heel appears to be getting better I am starting to feel that I will be able to at least run the Air Force Marathon on September 17th. However I am still thinking I will not be able to finish under the 4 hour mark like I have been shooting for but I guess only time will tell.

I happened upon an article earlier today that was talking about runners who have different goals for their upcoming marathon. They had the typical first timer who’s main goal is just to finish, the runner who wants to qualify for Boston, the runner who wants to be injury free and the last one was a runner who wants to run/walk a PR.  I have heard of the run/walk method before and it still baffles me. During my first marathon I did walk a few times because I either needed to stretch out a cramping muscle or I just wanted to make sure I was able to drink all the water I needed at the next hydration station. However, it was very hard for me to get moving again and I was usually in more pain for at least the next quarter mile then I was before I stopped. For me it was harder to convince myself to start running again then to convince myself to keep running. It did work really well for the guy in the article as he knocked off a little over three minutes to get him to his PR of 2:53:27. Far better then I did during my first marathon and don’t think even in my wildest dreams I will ever break 3 hours so I guess I can’t really bash this method. Since he had ran a previous marathon at 2:56:37 I definitely get the impression he is a pretty serious runner and maybe his body just adapted to the constant change in pace better. However I am still a little puzzled by it.

Blisters: Why you might want to listen to those expert runners…

My full training for the marathons isn’t starting for another week so I thought I would share some of my past experiences until training gets a little more interesting.  (I don’t find running on a treadmill in my basement very interesting…but that might just be me.)

A few weeks before my first half marathon (Capital City Half Marathon 2010) I realized that my current shoes were getting pretty worn and I need to switch into the new shoes I had recently bought. The new shoes were a different brand then my current shoes but I didn’t think I would have that many issues transiting to the new shoes. I had read about blisters and other possible issues with not breaking in new shoes in the running magazines and books, but I thought I was going to be just fine. That was my first mistake. I decided to only alternate my new and old shoes only a few days and then run 10 miles in my new shoes.  Since it was only a couple weeks before the half marathon I was very determined to run all 10 miles. That was my second mistake. I ignored the pain I was feeling on the bottom of my feet and came home to find a blister on each of my arches. I took off the next two days but needed to keep up some running since the half marathon was a little over a week away. After several tries and painful short runs, I figured out how to bandage my arches so it wasn’t as painful. I was happy I could still run with minimal pain but the blisters were not getting any better.  A week later I started my first half marathon hoping my wrapped arches would keep the blisters at bay for the next 13.1 miles. A majority of the race went as well as to be expected for my first half marathon. Around mile 8 I started having some side cramping but was able to get it in check by around the 9.5 mile point. I did have some blister pain for the last few miles of the race so I wasn’t able to finish strong as I would have liked but at that point I was just happy I finished.  I didn’t make my ultimate time goal but finished the race within the time I was hoping.  I took it easy the next few weeks and tried to nurse my feet back to health.  I also did a little more research and invested in getting some actual running socks to help prevent future blister issues.  Needless to say, I started listening a little more to those experts.

Boston Marathon Update

I was planning on writing something else for my next post but just heard about this today so thought I would post something quick for any runners who haven’t heard yet:

I was hoping to focus more on my speed and training this year and try to qualify for the Boston Marathon this year at the Columbus Marathon in October. However, after reading the above article about Boston changing their qualifying standards I may have to change to running the Air Force Marathon instead of just the half. I will admit I am a little bummed after hearing these changes.

What doesn’t kill you…

Air Force Half Marathon September 2010 - One year after being diagnosed with MS.

Pretty much all my life I have loved being active. From age 3 to 19 my life was soccer. For many years, I even played soccer year round.  Then when I was in my first year of college my back pain started to tell me I needed to do something a little easier on my body. For many years I wasn’t sure what to do or how to replace the highs I felt playing soccer. After graduating from college I started to focus more on running,  doing shorter races like 5ks or 4 milers. I attempted to train for a marathon during the summer of 2008 but I had to stop after about 8 weeks of training due to a knee injury. Then in August 2009, when I was 25 years old, I was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.  I was mainly just glad to finally figure out why I was having all these weird health issues but there was the other side of me that was concerned about my future since this is a disease that could take away my ability to move.  After a few months of adjusting to the idea I have MS, I decided it was time to start that marathon training again because I was not going to let this disease defeat me. In May of 2010 I finished my first half marathon and then in October of 2010 I finished my first marathon in a time of 4:23:43…and now I am hooked. Now I plan to run two half marathons and one or two marathons in 2011.  It has become an addiction and this is why I have decided to start this blog, to not only write about something I love to do but to hopefully encourage others to not be defeated. I think one of my favorite quotes can say it best…”What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”