I am still here…well, kind of…

I know I have been quiet for quite a while now. I have been trying to find the time, energy and right mood to actually write a post. This hasn’t been an easy thing to come by the past few months.

After my quarter marathon and marathon relay in May, I decided to take some time off to heal the knee and other minor injuries I was fighting. Well, that time off was suppose to be about a month. Right now it is still indefinite. The first month or so I was feeling pretty normal and had a lot of things going on. I went to the Bonnarroo Music Festival in Tennessee in June and I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding in July. It was in July when I started to notice some MS symptoms really staying around and not going away. Of course work did get more stressful in July which has not helped the MS situation either. To this day I am still having MS symptoms everyday, usually in my left arm, left leg and left side of my face. We have increased my meds (again) but I am still having issues. I go back for a check up in a little over a week and something needs to change. I can’t run or workout which takes away one of my big stress relievers and mood boosters.

It’s been hard staying positive but hearing every once in a while from my readers (aka you 🙂 ) lifts my spirits. Keep running and moving! I hope to be out there with you again soon! 🙂 Until then I will try to check in every once in a while to update everyone on my status or to share some interesting MS info. Good luck out there!


Ok, so did not even realize it had been over two months since my last post! Wow. Guess I have really been laying down on the job. Hopefully I will be able to catch everyone who doesn’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook up to speed.

Well, for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I ended up having bursitis in my both hips. Something in my stride was definitely off and even after a shot in each hip I was still having some pain so my doctor referred me to a specialist. (The doctor he was planning on referring me to actually couldn’t get me in for four weeks so I said to hell with that and called the Sports Medicine department at OSU and they got me in two days later.) The doctor at OSU told me I could run but just no hills for a while. He also recommended that I go to physical therapy because my hip muscles were weak and that is why I was having all of these issues. I guess weak hips is pretty common with runners.

I went to physical therapy for about five to six weeks starting at the end of July. It seemed like it did help however I was absolutely exhausted during that time, especially during the week. I would feel like I finally felt better by Sunday then be exhausted by Tuesday or Wednesday again. It was rough and I was very thankful when they finally discharged me at the end of August. My hips are still sore at times and still hurt off and on during runs but seem to slowly be improving. After the Dresden Marathon I am definitely taking some time off and maybe just doing some minor workouts. My body definitely needs to heal.

Obviously as I said it has been over two months since I the last time I posted on here but sometimes I have taken a while between posts on Facebook/Twitter as well. It seems like the hip injuries have messed with me mentally a little more than I would like. Sometimes I would think of writing an update and just wouldn’t write it. I don’t know if it is the pain, frustration or exhaustion that really does it or if I have just been feeling the pressure of the Dresden Marathon and going to Europe. I have had a few issues here and there during my training the past month but it didn’t seem like that was really the problem. It has been a little odd at times and I don’t feel completely back to normal yet but hopefully I will get back on the bandwagon again soon.

Hope everyone has been doing well! Hope everyone’s training and races have been going well!

It’s Getting Better…

Song of the Post: “Getting Better” By The Beatles

Well, things are starting to look up on the MS side and the running side of my life. It appears that the steroids have helped decrease the numbness on my left side, well, at least for now. I still have some numbness off and on during the day however it is quite a bit less then it was a few weeks ago. I guess I need to remember a week of feeling like crap on steroids will greatly help how I feel afterwards.

I have ran about five times in the past week. I started out with just an easy two miles last Sunday and had some minor heal pain but followed up with a lot of stretching afterwards. I kept adding a mile or two on each run until I reached 7 miles on Saturday. I was especially pumped after that run because I only had to stop once after the first mile to stretch out the heel pain and then from that point on I didn’t feel it at all. The three miles I ran this morning went even better as I didn’t feel any heel pain. I am having a little pain or stiffness in my calves however that is easier to run through then the heel pain.

I guess overall things are starting to look up. Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to run the Columbus Half Marathon on October 16th. It might not be a new PR but at least I will have ran it. I think I will probably plan to train for a marathon sometime in the spring but will take all aspects of my training a little more seriously to hopefully avoid another injury. I think I just pushed a little too hard this summer and didn’t focus on my stretching and strength training as much as I should have.

Status: Unchanged…

Song of the Post “Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” By U2

I am pretty tired this evening so will probably make this one fairly short. I still haven’t been able to run yet due to the plantar fasciitis in my right foot. For the first few weeks after I started feeling the pain I was still trying to bike a few days a week but I decided about two weeks ago to just try the rest thing in hopes of still being able to run at last one race this fall.  Of course even though I am “resting” I still managed to figure out ways to re-aggravate the injury about every few days.

On Thursday and Friday I really thought I was in the home stretch. I hadn’t had any pain in my right foot for about a week.  I thought I was good to go this weekend. I thought wrong. I guess sometime on Saturday I did something to aggravate my foot again and now I am back to it even hurting sometimes when I am sitting. I am going to go back to stretching more and taking my ibuprofen. However I cannot stand this “resting” thing anymore so I think I am going to jump back on the bike tomorrow or Tuesday. So frustrating! I decided to transfer my Columbus Marathon bib to the half marathon however I am not sure that will even happen since I keep on re-injuring my foot.

On top of that a little over a week ago the numbness and pain on my left side really increased. It had been very distracting at work and at times it has affected my walking and sleep. They increased my dosage of Gabapentin which still didn’t do very much except just decreasing the numbness for a hour or two right after I took it. On Tuesday I had another infusion of Tysabri and finally on Thursday and Friday I started to see some relief. The pain has decreased however still fighting the numbness which is more tolerable. Guess we will see what the doc says in the next day or two.

I am hoping my training will become more interesting in the next week or so but guess I will see what else this fun plantar fasciitis has in store for me. This has really been frustrating because this injury is really my fault for probably training too hard too quickly. I was so pumped to run the two full marathons this fall and just threw them away. Hopefully 2012 will be a better full marathon year.

What A Runner Never Wants To Hear…

Song of the Post: “Bicycle Race” by Queen

I have been struggling with heel pain off and on the past two weeks but was finally starting to feel better on Thursday and Friday. I decided to attempt a run on Saturday morning and didn’t even make it 100 meters before the heel pain started again. I immediately ended the run and walked back home. I used to always push through the pain when I was younger and soccer was my main sport but I have realized that with long distance running that is not what you want to do…unless it is during a race of course. I had a few errands to run later in the day which involved a decent amount of walking and by the end of the day not only was my heel hurting again, my arch was hurting as well. I decided it was time to call the doctor.

I called in on Monday morning to find that my primary physician was out on vacation for the entire week so I would have to see the other doctor in the office. I was able to finally see him Wednesday afternoon. He informed me that I indeed had plantar fasciitis and I will have to stop running for at least 2-3 weeks. Just what a runner wants to hear. He advised that I will need to do three things: take ibuprofen, stretch, and…rest. 😦 I would even have to make sure I didn’t walk to much. However he did say I could do some cross training like biking, elliptical workout, etc. so I will be able to still move.

Needless to say I won’t be running the Air Force Marathon this year and seriously considering changing from the Columbus Marathon to the Columbus Half Marathon. It is a little odd…I am not that upset about not being able to run the actual marathons or the money I “lost”…I am more upset about not being able to just run. My mood is so much better, I sleep better and I feel like I have accomplished more in my day when I am running regularly in the mornings. Hopefully these weeks go by quickly and I will heal. Guess the next few weeks will be filled with biking and maybe some swimming. My friend Barb will be excited to hear this as she has been trying to convince me to start getting into triathlons as well. I will admit I have been giving it some serious thought. Guess we will see!