Some days will be frustrating

Song of the Post: “Here It Goes Again” by Ok Go

My workout this morning was a little frustrating at times. I stayed with my schedule and did my strength workout on the Bowflex however, my run didn’t go as well as I would have liked. I kept fighting a cramp in my right side which caused me to to walk a couple times to get it under control. Sometimes its hard to stay positive and not fear falling behind in the training schedule after days like today, Hopefully it will be better tomorrow morning. If not I guess I could always use my treadmill to come up with a new dance routine like the Ok Go music video.

On a MS side note, I had my second infusion of Tysabri today. It went pretty well. I will say sitting in the infusion clinic for three hours not being able to use your arm really isn’t as fun as it may sound. 🙂 At least it’s only every four to five weeks. I plan to write more about my MS and treatments in the next couple of weeks however, I am pretty tired so this is where I will call it a night.

“Suddenly I See”

Since music is another passion of mine I’ve decided to try including a “Song of the Post” to each of my postings. I am going to try to pick a song that ties into my post or it may just end up being the song that has been stuck in my head that day. Hope you enjoy this added feature! 🙂

Song of the Post – “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall

My marathon training has official begun! I will have to admit I am pretty excited about getting back into the training, especially since spring is right around the corner. Yesterday the high was around 60° and it was sunny so I was able to run outside in the warmth and sunshine. Today it is back down into the 40s and rainy so it only lasted one day but hey, it was something. Hopefully we will be getting some warmer weather in Ohio soon.

This year I have decided to add a few things to my training schedule to hopefully help me increase my speed, build up my strength and trim down the weight a little more. I am a morning runner so Monday through Friday I am waking up early to run before work. I am sure that this contributed to me ignoring some things last year that are important to a runner’s training so I plan to wake up at 5am instead of 5:30am this year to add that extra time needed to give these overlooked areas more attention.

Right now I am still working on just building up my endurance again from being off most of the winter due to MS relapses, but I plan to start focusing more on the speed work in a few weeks. I am going to do a little more research on speed work and hope to discuss it more in later posts.

I never been a fan of doing a strict diet that doesn’t really let you enjoy anything you eat. Last year I mainly focused on eating more fruits, vegetables and just trying to eat healthier overall rather than try to stay to one diet. There are times I did pretty well with this and then other times I slipped. I did end up losing about 20 lbs during my training last year however gained about 10 lbs back during the winter when I wasn’t able to run. I hope to make things a little more interesting this year and try some new, healthier recipes that will hopefully taste good as well. I will post any recipes I find “tasty”.

Last year I really did not make strength training (or weight lifting) a priority. It was one of those things that I kept in the back of my mind but really didn’t act on very often. I am planning on working out on my Bowflex twice a week, hopefully on Mondays and Thursdays after my run. I ran for about 30 minutes this morning then got on the Bowflex for about 25 minutes so off to a good start!

The last thing I plan to add this year is to consistently have cross training at least once a week. The cross training will probably be biking or Zumba. (Zumba is pretty addicting and a lot of fun, if you enjoy dancing. ) And who knows, maybe I will even add some additional cross training with Wii Sports Resort, Kinect Sports or Dance Central. (Yes, I am a low-key gamer as well.) Guess we will see in the coming months how successful I am with all my changes and additions to my training schedule. Here’s hoping the majority of them stick!